Lapsus is the first of four albums that details the birth of elightenment in the face of adversity. The album was released by Halo of flies records, Moment of Collapse records and Alerta Antifascista records, on double LP and CD.






The vacuity, slate scree unending,
the spring coils and trap is sprung.
A rapturous paroxysm unravels,
a glorious, pointless birth.
In amniotic detritus of a billion fetal suns,
the zenith of fractals, the forging of dust.
Gobbets of life matter courted in the aether.
He was born of nothing, serving no end,
but in his cunning, claimed all that is.
He nested at the apex of all nebula
and sat squat upon celestial debris,

All that followed his sentience, saw him as creator

They carved the construct of heaven for him to dwell within

Stars were tethered to light his ascent,
worlds collapsed to pave his halls.
The nuclei of atoms bent unwillingly
and cast against the facia of his kingdom.
He shackled thought and chastised free will
and saw that this was good

The formation of the multiverse went unabated by the presence of gods; a plethora of realities existing like mere thoughts, no more than a cacophony of energy. Passing like milk from a breast, the elements of these universes grew fat on that energy –  the void gained girth. The turbulent expansion gave rise to many facets of matter, and eventually some particles gained a quality like no other; they gained a sense of self.  These particles were drawn to one another, coalescing as they rejoiced in their companionship, and soon they lost their sense of worth, amongst the many, and the many became one.
His very mechanism knew he was alone, he also knew more would follow, as he sensed the universe was full of wandering particles of thought. He willed them to one another and soon, more entities were born. His greatest trick was to claim the universe as his own, to hold himself above all others as creator. He saw stars forming, and planets forged from the rubble of cooled matter, saw the very fabric of the universe gaining structure of its own accord. His brilliance was to see this all and say it was his own doing. His own creation. As organic life evolved upon worlds like our own, he knew a time would come when a different sentience would arise, dominant species with forms more solid thats his own, and in this he saw the ultimate goal. To rule over all minds. But for now he would wait, enveloping himself, and those like himself in the weave of reality, constructing an ethereal kingdom, appointing those he called sons and daughters as his subjects.
He held one such son above all others. He coerced him with names that conveyed his false love,  Son of dawn, the morning star, the light-bearer. He would hold his light above all others and exalt him, gain his trust and his allegiance, and above all, his love. For Lucifer loved the authority like no other. He felt no other desire. His kin held similar seats in the bossom of the authority, The all-father, gave them names that filled them with pride; Gabriel, Michael, Belial, They worshipped willingly, yet he fed off their love, weakening them. This hierarchy bred zealotry, with Lucifer, the light bearer, the highest of all, the choir master, one of the seraphim. But the authority, despite his great wisdom, had one flaw, vanity. And as species evolved upon the warm earth of a billion mirrored worlds, he chose one such species, a simple bipedal hominid, to gauge the devotion of his choir. He personified this species as Adam, claiming these simple mammals as the most loved of all his creations, more loved than the angels themselves, more loved than Lucifer. And then he asked his children to bow before these beasts. Most did without hesitation, but one, the most esteemed, would not.

Primum movens
The Prime mover
The fraudulent deity and his doctrine

My love! my God! I bow before the one.
Of the beasts that foul this land we share no stock!
For the father blessed be, who formed all that is,
we stand before this cast and bow only to you!

Exchange:  Authority – proud fool!
Lucifer – My pharisee!
Authority – Dissenter!
Lucifer  -This heresy!
Authority – I, sovereign!
Lucifer – my majesty!
Authority – Condemn you!

Lucifer:  I shall crack the cradle born,
before I’ll yield to this first son,
thou formed me in fire,  thou formed him in clay!
I cannot revere, this noble form. In glory I submit,
my heart is held in exaltation

The authority:
Then the cast is set my child of fire,
to know thine place is paramount.
This seat of power knows only one,
apostate, heretic son!

Lucifer: Strands of twine bind our kith,
below him ordained, bound in chastity.
Your house is split my liege, my love,
what shall we sew? what have we sewn?
Take up arms! amorphous host!
For this is the eve of our disgrace!

Lucifer refused to bow before Adam, he moved only for the authority. In this ultimate act of defiance, Lucifer showed the sincerity of his devotion. But this was not the outcome that the false god had anticipated, for his subjects to show such fervent love that they could not bow before anyone but himself. His arrogance could not comprehend this act, and his second flaw was committed. He would make an example of this seraphim. He would show his host that defying his word was the ultimate sin, and in his fury, he condemned the Light bearer. As the words of condemnation cut deep into him, something stirred – a tiny kernel of truth. In his confusion he could not comprehend this sense of betrayal,  but it would soon gain its own identity. He turned to the host and proclaimed his love, his reasoning of this refusal. To bow before anyone but the creator was the ultimate sin, surely this was a test? A third of the choir listened and  understood his decision, some in fear that the authority was tricking them, forcing their hand. Their love was so fervent, perhaps the Light bearer, the most loving and the most loved was correct. And so they pledged their loyalty to him.

The accusation

O Day Star, son of Dawn!
laid the nations low!
You said in your heart,
“I will ascend to heaven;
I will raise myself
above the stars of God;
I will ascend
to the  tops of the clouds,
I will make myself
like the Most High.”

The Metatron, who sits at the right of the authority, whose mouth is the authorities mouth, who speaks for him, the most loyal to his word, yet unaware of its meaning. As he observed the act of defiance by his brother Lucifer, he comprehended it as an act of treason, a coo, to overthrow the authority and take his throne.

The Armory Choir
The zealous

Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done!
Our quality, in majesty.
Our words we weave engorged with zeal,
enraptured in this bloody feud!
We charge this fool with avarice,
the damned will find no shelter here,!
Sanctum bound in rhetoric
our breath resigned, this commencement!
The choral song will play out,
bound by this incumbent !

Hewn in storms, infallible,
our ears are turned to Gabriel.
One hundred strong his wings unfurl,
we hear the call of Michael!

Messenger of the burning word,
Authority, the glorious,
who is lord of the host,
we grovel low and bow in turn.

The trisagion, the holy thrice,
uttered by the seraphim,
These words our opium,
we shed each tear in reverence.
Fallen foe, in treachery,
bind him below in punishment!

Our Lord, thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
servants born of deathless tongue,
cut from your sacred cloth,
authority, oh merciful,
we understand this sacrament

The armory choir, those loyal to the authority, whose unthinking eyes are wreathed in bile and hatred for those who have defied the word of God.

Before the fall;
The appeal

I seek reformation! I plead leniency!
This kingdom of heaven and his majesty.
These words now tremble in spite of our trust,
these courses are changing and with them our cause.
Join my desecration Mammon Belial!
Our broken accord our chosen denial
Raise aloft our voices, our graven dissent,
I beg you my father retreat and repent!

Supernal veils of heaven swell;
caustic is this craven goal,
what have we forged,
what have we wrought,
to replace this love with his wrath.
My brothers in arms, I forge this creed!
my blasphemy, our eulogy!
We are the sons of fire!
We are the daughters of light!

In his final attempt to placate the authority, Lucifer pleaded for understanding, but in this he saw the hopelessness of his cause. The word had been spoken and therefor little more could be done. He realised the grave intentions of his Lord, that he would suffer for his decision. In the face of such adversity, the light bearer entertained a thought; to question the word of the all father. He galvanized his followers, in this his final declaration, that he would stand fast against the tide of those loyal to god.

The casting out of the innocent Lucifer and the rebel angels

Heaven quakes,
the crown tilts,
Tumult massing,
choir dogs.
We coalesce
before this foe.
My paramour!
We proclaim!

Have we not bled for your succor?
Have we not swarmed to your side?
Have we not groveled and washed your feet?
Are we not bound to your creed?
I will not blithely wilt
in the light of your glory.
I will not blindly walk
and glimpse the void.

Assembled ranks, bastion flock,
pirouette of the paragon.
Flawless blades guilt with blood;
His glory be in ragged meat.

Resplendent host!
Rise tempestuous!
Bodies like hale, an astral squall,
revolve and revolve in blind idolatry.
Chorus fractured and forlorn

Heaven heaves a sigh of epochs.
The myriad strains under prides weight.
Regal volley thrown, trebuchets of carven bone.
Wings fragment in fervid oil, driven back and recoil.

Torn fingers clutch the edge,
the mass cries out,
foundation reviles in disgust

Hands claw and grip,
dust blinds in floods,
engulfs and chokes,
they fail.

They fall away, we flail,
blotted eyes tight,
lungs erased. Duress engulfs.
They fall.

The void it calls,
it calls below and below again,
trauma wrought and beaten,
scorched limbs drag torpid husks.
This chasm maw lies open,
exit beyond their grasp.
The cold it binds and castrates,
stigeon embargo,
bound like brittle branches
to this freezing waste.

Lucifer –
Is this the prize you spake my lord?
To punish infinite? how can our god
commit such puerile acts?
This hollow place will serve us well,
for we no longer have your love.

A third of the host stood with the Light bearer, corralled by the seething ranks of those loyal to the authority. Light rippled through the firmament, as the will of the all father manifested; the ether cowered with uncertainty, tumescent folds of space spasmed with intent – his presence now one with the empyrean. Like many limbs, the host moved as one, their zealotry palpable as they descended in waves towards the defectors. Lucifer, so ridden with confusion, finally allowed himself to entertain his doubt, and the doubt took form. The authority was clever, the choir ebbed and flowed in gluttonous bliss, fed endlessly with a sense of purpose and unconditional love. They bowed and abased themselves as he, the all father fed in return. He festered in glory, obese through worship. His domain erected around him by his legions, glib in his torpidity. Puissant strands caressed and moulded around him like petals, as he sat and did nothing. He was nothing. Lucifer had glimpsed proteins forming in viscous pools upon barren worlds, he had witnessed stars germinate in the womb of the stellar gulf. All had passed without the will of his father. But all had been claimed by him.  As his feet felt the fragile edge of elysian, as the blind flock screamed their intention, swords cutting, pushing ever forward against the tide, he finally saw through. His realisation flashed across his eyes as he and his followers lost their footing, desperately clawing at the brittle edge, and he fell, cast from the miasma, the preternatural corridors engulfing him, pulling him down, the maelstrom consuming every sense, as he plunged into the abyss, below the cusp of reality to the nebulous chasm beneath. Here there was nothing, just cold endless nullity. No love, no father.
But it was here, for countless millennia, that Lucifer would shine the brightest, and would construct his first and final plan – to inspire all who followed him to seek the ultimate truth and escape the indoctrination of the false god.

Written by Alex cf

9 Responses to “Lapsus”

  1. Man, can’t stop listening to it!!! It is literally keeping me awake in bed at night. Just incredible…I’ve been a drummer/playing live for over 20yrs and this is perfection.

  2. blackmonger Says:

    glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I really want to buy the vinyl, but I keep getting confusing results. Please help me out.

  4. It tells me:
    “Sorry, “”Lapsus” DLP.” doesn’t ship to United States”

  5. This is way more than great

  6. i love it!!!🙂

  7. stoked… one word, ”MAJESTIC”!

  8. There are no words to describe how I felt listening to this album, it’s just… sublime.

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