Celestium Apocrypha; book of Watchers

Celestium Apocrypha: Book of watchers appears on the split LP with Northless, released through Halo of flies records, Alerta Antifascista records and Moment of Collapse. Please scroll down for  explanation.


Celestium Apocrypha
The book of watchers

Lucem ferre! Emancipate!

Words ingrained the tidings wrought
Illustrate immutable truths
Begin in earnest our chronicle
Celestium apocrypha

Coital calamity
Fusion immaculate
Spacial in utero
Born in vacancy

Fetal debris
Amnio collision
Impact upon impact
Colloidal timbre

The furies they are forged
Tantrum arms venerate
Expel like seeds this genesis

Rivet suns innumerable
Striation lights like reins
Quell in gravity, this enormity

Quiet now temper!
You have your gold!

Countless orbs igneous,
crowd your treasury!

Magma stars germinate
Throw out your tongues and warm this cold

Of nothing born this massing fervor

Birth of the false god:
Born amongst the fray
The unrequited lover
Blighted and engorged
Fierce of his stature

The false god wakes!

Birth of lucifer:
The quantum mire convulsed
Thoughtful disarray
The particles embraced
Confirm our oracle

Within suns once interred
In fallow emptiness
The fire son immolate
Held all our hopefulness

Vortices gathering!
Emerging patterns!
Unwitting symmetry!

Prism rays radiate!
Currents tug atomic gyre!
The spectrum forces govern!
Like spectral Generals!

Tread the boards upon which we turn
the roles are filled with serfs and pawns

Tempt the stones to dance before you
Their steps align! Ore ensemble

Bind solidify, unceasing collision
The sharing enamor bring forth and form

Revolutions, the thoughtless council
The mindless myriad, the universe

Lucem Ferre!

The Celestium Apocrypha, annotations on the first instance of free will, as Lucifer gained a sense of self and took on his name sake, the chronicle began. This documents the birth of our universe, its thoughtless exhalation of energy and matter, and the eventual culmination of sentient particles, known as “dust” to form the false god, and subsequent entities, including the light bearer. In Lucifer is seen the birth of sentient thought, and his charge to pass on these ideas in the face of adversity. The chanted vocals are read by the Celestium worshippers who began the chronicle, verses are marked according to the subject of the verse.
The name is taken from the Book of Enoch, a non canonical chapter of the original Jewish scriptures. It is a play on what was deemed necessary to appear in the final canon, how whole sections of religious scripture were rejected, despite the so called authenticity of that which remained. Texts that were considered ham fisted or contrived or instances of repetition from other chapters and its political or societal influence limited.

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  1. Thank you for that amazing song!! Perfect lyrics..great music!!

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