Beyond the Infinite; The assembly of God



Beyond the Infinite; The assembly of God is an elaboration of the introduction to Lapsus. The Lyrics are exalting the false God and his claim over creation – This is the lying sermon. Released on a single sided LP with screen printed B side, through Moment of Collapse records and Alerta antifascista records.


Beyond the Infinite; The assembly of God

Of this barren womb,
wept into being.
formed elysium,
knit and rendered.
From this well,
coaxed fronds in fire.

Cleaved day and night,
Bled and filled the seas,
clot and formed the land
and exhaled the sky

Kneel low and bow humble..

This unerring weave upon
which all is born;
we your host, your kin
kneel low and bow humble.

Carved the clay,
bow humble
before these heirs.

The formation of the multiverse went unabated by the presence of gods; a plethora of realities existing like mere thoughts, no more than a cacophony of energy. Passing like milk from a breast, the elements of these universes grew fat on that energy –  the void gained girth. The turbulent expansion gave rise to many facets of matter, and eventually some particles gained a quality like no other; they gained a sense of self.  These particles were drawn to one another, coalescing as they rejoiced in their companionship, and soon they lost their sense of worth, amongst the many, and the many became one.
His very mechanism knew he was alone, he also knew more would follow, as he sensed the universe was full of wandering particles of thought. He willed them to one another and soon, more entities were born. His greatest trick was to claim the universe as his own, to hold himself above all others as creator. He saw stars forming, and planets forged from the rubble of cooled matter, saw the very fabric of the universe gaining structure of its own accord. His brilliance was to see this all and say it was his own doing. His own creation. As organic life evolved upon worlds like our own, he knew a time would come when a different sentience would arise, dominant species with forms more solid thats his own, and in this he saw the ultimate goal. To rule over all minds. But for now he would wait, enveloping himself, and those like himself in the weave of reality, constructing an ethereal kingdom, appointing those he called sons and daughters as his subjects.
He held one such son above all others. He coerced him with names that conveyed his false love,  Son of dawn, the morning star, the light-bearer. He would hold his light above all others and exalt him, gain his trust and his allegiance, and above all, his love. For Lucifer loved the authority like no other. He felt no other desire. His kin held similar seats in the bossom of the authority, The all-father, gave them names that filled them with pride; Gabriel, Michael, Belial, They worshipped willingly, yet he fed off their love, weakening them. This hierarchy bred zealotry, with Lucifer, the light bearer, the highest of all, the choir master, one of the seraphim. But the authority, despite his great wisdom, had one flaw, vanity. And as species evolved upon the warm earth of a billion mirrored worlds, he chose one such species, a simple bipedal hominid, to gauge the devotion of his choir. He personified this species as Adam, claiming these simple mammals as the most loved of all his creations, more loved than the angels themselves, more loved than Lucifer. And then he asked his children to bow before these beasts. Most did without hesitation, but one, the most esteemed, would not.

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