Silver tongue available now


Please download our new record, Silver tongue, here –

There will be a higher quality version (AIFF/flac) at  soon, where you can make a small donation to help pay for the creation of this record, or not, if you so wish.

Enjoy, this is the culmination of two years work, which we did simply for the joy and sometimes heart ache, of creating this.
Lyrics and explanations can be be found by clicking the cover art to the right.


Light bearer



4 Responses to “Silver tongue available now”

  1. starting my download! i can’t wait. i’ve locked the door and turned off my phone and won’t be disturbed for the next hour.

    thank you guys.

  2. tea[m]ster Says:

    Wow. A project as huge as this for free? Thanks but no thanks, I will be making a donation once that bandcamp page gets updated. Sorry.🙂

  3. Perfect! As usual…great words can explain how i am’m waiting vinyl.. =)
    just only one question..
    what is that little part at the end of last song “Silver tongue” which start after few seconds of silence?

    Thank you!
    with best wishes!

  4. Brilliant. Beautiful. Heart-wrenching.

    It’s as if all the world’s melancholy coalesced into a single chain of musical artistry.

    Have already become a collector of Light Bearer.

    Thank you and all the best.

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